Hi, I’m Jennifer McGavin. I’m a member of Delta County School Board.

My Message

As a successful business owner in the North Fork Valley for 17 years, I knew it was time to start giving back to the community that has nurtured me. Public service is an honor and I look forward to being the next School Board Director for District 5 (Paonia and surrounding area).

Children need so much from their family and the community. They have a lot to learn and just a few years to get ready for the rest of their lives. I want kids to be life-ready when they graduate, ready to hit the ground running and be a success at whatever they choose to do. That means making sure they have critical thinking skills as well as manual competency (writing, building, fixing, making-skills). Teaching is so much more than rote names and dates, it’s problem solving, researching and learning empathy and common social values.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

– Nelson Mandela


With a Master of Science degree in biology (Dipl. Biol. from Hannover University, Germany) and an MBA from CU Denver, I bring a number of skill sets to my role as school board director. Financial acuity, and a solid science background help me see the forest and the trees.


As a fourth degree black belt, teaching kids karate for 15 plus years, I have had daily interaction with kids’ dreams and needs. Also, as a business owner immersed in retail, I have gained experience managing both the financial side and the people side of business.


My experience as president of our local Home Owners Association in Hidden Valley has made me a better group leader while being a nationally rated karate referee has taught me to ground my work by knowing the rules inside and out. All of this has taught me that listening is more important than being heard.


I believe that school should help kids be ready for life when they graduate. To that end I hope to be an advocate for increased integration of the Technical College of the Rockies for high school students as well as looking at ways for younger children to gain skills that will help them cope with this ever-changing world.

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